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Last updated : 22 February 2011 By Neil Hobbs

Lincoln City Mad is a  Friendly site that wishes to focus on football both Impwise and Npower League 2 as a whole. We all need to stick together after all as the top of the Football league continue to sell us down the river over Telly money.

 Bold steps perhaps but these are early days and one step at a time as our gaffer said when we were bottom of the League and we decided to start this site.

We the Mods and front page staff are also mindful of the need for a place for off the field matters, for those who wish to discuss things in a friendly and constructive way. 

There is also a wider friendly league 2 community that also needs a place to discuss the greatest league in the world in a safe enviroment

          To this end we now have three seperate forums to go with our first class fact and stats courtesy of 3 regular journalists and rising.




A background to Lincoln City Mad

We have been bringing on average 2,000 Imps some excellent well researched articles backed by facts and stats as well as good old rumours  for nearly seven weeks but there is more to us than humour & rumour,  fact & stat and good old gossip - the sort of pony rhyme time Goldilocks and the three bears swear by!

We  back that up with an Imp bible of facts and stats, cutting edge news stories and of course match previews reports and in these trying times a good old sense of humour. The idea behind this is that each and every time an Imp searched up a players facts, our beloved club would get a tiny bit of cash. Every little helps after all to the Imps

Before you think about joining our friendy forum let us take a look shall we at what is behind the menu down the left hand side of Lincoln City Mad and yes our Footy mad facts database covers every club in every League. 

As Steve Tilson might say Luvverly Jubbly!

We've got features and stats like

Player Search
Just put in an Imp players name, hit enter, then view. This will give you his history at a glance but click on a year and LCM really goes to town.
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Current Squad

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Rumours Mill

You have to admit their is nothing quite like Vic Erzantarz and Ivan Impgrass is there?

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Results crowds etc


Imps 2010/11 Form

Imps position Gragh
League 2 Current form table
Imps team analysis

Historic Stuff

 Imps League History
On This Day
Imps Cup History

LCM Match  Stats Zone

Head To Head
Look Stockport is already up (Next opponents are the default)

Match Previews

Match reports

including view from the Stacey West


Classified Football Results and Fixtures service.

Results service


Fixtures service
A diary of every game this week and next