Tilson's Rhyme Time- So Who's Shrewsbury then?

Last updated : 09 February 2011 By Neil Hobbs

The Imps need to put Shrewsbury Town behind us and regroup on and off the pitch ahead of Morecambe. Yes last night exposed the flaws but it should only temporarily mask how far we have come in the last four weeks.


How many of us are sleeping a lot easier nowadays, thankful that we look set to be playing League Football next season. Sides like Shrewsbury afre all are what we as[ire to  be aren’t they? That is a feet it will take Steve Tilson a while longer to conjure in what will become known As Tilson’s Rhyme time.


Good results against Morecambe and the other journeymen teams of Npower league 2 are what will raise the bar and the average gates and season ticket sales in the summer.  We need realistic expectation and  the return of the faithful if Tilson is to have a decent war chest next season and I for one have seen enough to buy one a season ticket again despite the bitterness from the usual albeit surprisingly loud and few suspects.


So come on Imps win this Saturday, for home is where the heart is and the potential pounds we need and should expect at a Bank.


UTI - because  We Are Lincoln City Mad.