The Trouble With The 12th Man Mr Chairman

Last updated : 23 January 2011 By Neil Hobbs

The Chairman of the 12th Man is acting like a disgrace and quite how he expects anyone to respect him or the organisation he represents  is beyond me.  Out shouting people is no substitute for reasoned debate. His constant forum based antics are actually divisive at a time people need to stick together.   Perhaps that is the reason the organisation made just over £2000 by their own admission in their first year.

Character assassination on his and a few others part is not on – as the majority of even minded Imps will testify by voting with their wallets and time. Telling me to trot on little etc etc are hardly the words of a custodian of fans funds surely?  Indeed as we appear unable to move on I had asked for the following to be placed on forums, surprise surprise without success after his latest outbursts.

Would you please place this on ************ as this individuals chequered history with regard to fund raising almost chokes me.  I do not want to get drawn into things with a bully and his boxing mates but what option have I given the character assassination and their desire to drive me away from a club and friends I like. Although he himself continues to walk away the smell  will inevitably start to catch up with him.

 Avoiding the personal insult threads here is his latest attempt to extract funds from fans pockets, again littered with selective amnesia although at least this is not just a vital lincoln & 12th man exclusive joint fund raising initiative,

The same thead is available on all forums but I have chosen to use the one on Lincoln Imps.

 The writer knows very well that the fans did their bit for Keith, he even ran a fans match on the astro turf prior to the game - wanted to single handedley take over as he always does then blamed the rain for any short comings. Indeed when the fans match took place against Grimsby he sheepishly brought the bucket back with under a tenner in loose change. His selective amnesia never fails to astound me - The Club and Steff Wright arranged a benefit game for Keith at the end of the season for heavens sake, Gary Simpson was one of the Managers.


Moving back to the personal attacks and without going into too much history - What does he and his true mates behind the scenes fear from me or other free thinking Imps?  Otherwise why continue to berate me and those who have attempted to break the cosy cabal that clearly exists at the true heart of our club? This minority drives away investment as well as amateur journos like me from a club I voluntarily put over 30 hours a week into. He even felt my existing eye problem to be fair game as you have said whilst acting as Mr Chairman and Moderator on your forum.

This is not the chairman of a fans organisation, rather the chief bully of an exclusive club which appears to have attached itself to the Vital Lincoln fund-raising pot. Does he not realise that The 12th Man will never reach its full potential while its chairman rants on message boards and jumps on every bandwagon he can only to move on before the dust settles. Before you ask  no I am not interested in rejoining something you forced me out of, it has been tainted

Doubtless you will continue to out shout anyone who dares to question you or seek clarification, suggest changes or heaven forbid want the truth. Check the share register those who can and satisfy yourselves before putting any more money this man's way. Two wrongs do not make a right in my book do they yours?.

If you want to donate money than buy shares or give it to the Trust - whatever we say of them they genuinely pass the money on to the club when it needs it. They'll get my energy when the proverbial hits the fan and when I have the funds spare I shall be making a donation to a certain children’s hospice in Grimsby on someone's consciences behalf.

A Codhead indeed I covered two matches as part of a fledgling writing job,  helped Vital to start Vital Macc & Vital Grimsby. I have covered more Boston games than Grimsby ones, does my soft spot for Boston make me  6 fingered - for it was the Eye specialist there that saved my sight.


Or should we all trot on like little boys and girls if we dare to have an opinion?