Last updated : 19 July 2002 By Jonathan Hall

“Cheats prosper yet again…” (Banzai Imp)


“I have mixed feelings. They are going to get so much stick next season!” (Shane Clarke)


“It is an absolute disgrace to football and I feel for Dagenham” (Shane Clarke)


“This has opened the floodgates for future cheating” (Shane Clarke)


“The £100,000 is going to do some serious damage!” (Ian-g)


“What a disgrace!” (KeithKeithKeith)


“I’d much rather that justice was seen to be done than play Boston on New Year’s Day” (KeithKeithKeith)


“It seems a very light punishment even by the FA’s pathetic standards of justice” (NottyImp)


“I expect Steve Evans to be handed a lucrative post with their (the FA) accounts dept. shortly” (NottyImp)


“Given how close their title win was, did any advantage gained make the difference between winning the title and not?” (Robin Smith)


“Surely the rules broken were broken in the Conference, yes? So why take the points away from their League account?” (Oi Impy)


“In effect, the club cheating are not only cheating their own clubs but also the very supporters who are being mislead into spending large amounts of money following a club they do not know is cheating. Double whammy!” (Rick Keracher)


“But what of all those fans of the clubs that didn’t cheat? They’ve been punished the most.” (Adam Wellings)


“Does the fact that they have been found guilty of something mean that the Inland Revenue will be wanting to make a call? After all, illegal payments are a tax fraud, aren’t they?” (Adam Wellings)


“At a guess, the Malkinson family may well end up stumping up much of the £100k, just as they bankrolled the club for years.” (Alan Roberts)