Last updated : 18 March 2002 By Jonny Hall
The majority of Imps supporters were in an optimistic mood when it was announced that the club had come to an agreement with Everton Football Club, on 14th January. A minority of City's followers met the news with caution - concerned that the club would lose its own identity.

I was interested to learn how the supporters of the 'Toffees' responded...

Ray Finch, a regular Everton supporter and a member of the "Everton for Kings Dock" pressure group, was all for the alliance -

"This is the sort of thing that should be welcomed. We have a lot of very good young players who need to prove themselves in competitive football. Without wishing to be disrespectful to your club, if they could get first team action with LCFC then this would help them develop and also be a potential resource for yourselves. I have lost count of the number of talented players in the last few years whose development has been stymied by being stuck in the stiffs. A classic case in point is Phil Jevons who refused to sign a contract with us because of lack of chances in the first team, despite being our reserves top scorer for a couple of seasons. If he had perhaps had an opportunity to play for City then both yourselves and Jevons could have benefited."

Mark Staniford, Editor of Everton's 'Speke From The Harbour' Fanzine, was also in an optimistic frame of mind -

"I think that the link-up could be beneficial for both clubs. Lincoln will get the chance to loan Everton's developing players. Everton will benefit from seeing their younger players not quite ready for the first team get valuable experience. It will obviously be financially beneficial for both clubs as I'm sure any promising talent looking to play at a higher level may be offered to Everton first and both clubs will benefit."

Austin Rathe, Editor of on the Internet, said -

"I think most Everton fans are pleased about the link between the two clubs, those that are aware of it that is. Everton have formed few such deals in the past few years, most of them aimed at getting our younger players more experience and maybe picking up some bargains as well. There are quite a few good youth players at Everton, with the likes of Nick Chadwick and Kevin McLeod on the verges of the first team squad. These players are unlikely to be given first team opportunities unless players are injured, we don't have the luxury of being able to play them on a rotation basis. Lincoln will therefore give these sorts of players valuable experience, whilst getting the benefit of some great young talent."

Paul Gregory, a keen Evertonian and regular visitor to had some interesting comments to make -

"To be honest with you, most Everton supporters without internet access do not know too much about the deal. I think that the most beneficial aspect of the deal is that Lincoln could offer some of our younger and fringe players first team experience. We have captains of England u20's, u18's and u16's and the Welsh u19 captain on our books so those type of players could thrive at Division Three level given an opportunity.

"The news that the two clubs had linked up was only given brief and minor coverage in the Merseyside Press. There was a quick story. The Merseyside cable channel 'channel one Liverpool' did a good story on it but apart from the initial story breaking, we heard little if nothing else. People who didn't buy a paper that day seemed to know little or nothing about it."

Lucy Mills chipped in with her comments -

"I go and watch the youth teams regularly and there is a lot of fantastic young players at Everton. At present, our Under 19's are in the semi-final of the Youth Cup and are firm favourites to go on and win it."