The 12th Man Movement

Last updated : 24 November 2009 By Neil Gentleman Hobbs (On Loan)

The 12th Man A Movement Is Born

The Inaugural meeting of the 12th man began in earnest yesterday not unlike that of one held 125 years earlier on June 26th 1884 at The Monson Arms. A Councillor called Bainbridge, Secretary Strawson and a Colonel plus the players of Lincoln Recreation, Rovers and others decided it was about time that a club from out City should win the County Cup. However there is another greater body to which our beloved club should offer thanks, The Lincoln and District Football Supporters Club. For it is their fundraising over the decades that has given us well over a million pounds in fundraising. It is their recognition that turnstile clicks would never be enough; they not only saw the light early but paid for the very floodlights themselves.

Like the two great meetings of the past, that formed undeniably two of the most important bodies in our club's history, a consensus and accord was reached for a third to take us through the next 125 years.

With the directors unable to put in more funds, and the lack of a sugar-daddy to help, it will always fall on the fans of a community club for they will always be there.  With the Lincoln and District Supporters Club, the greatest fund raisers in our history now ageing rapidly it falls on us fans to take up the slack and to assist and follow their model in many respects. Without them there really would have been no club in the sixties, no floodlights no centenary let alone the 125 year party. They work unselfishly they worked autonomously but together they have fuelled our club for most of its life.

Thanks must go to the energetic individuals who were there on Monday evening plus others who had previously and now subsequently pledged support to our cause. Four Passionistas stood alone 15 months ago and were joined by 100 this time last year, we now number 100`s. Soon we will announce our share saving scheme and a list of events. This is no closed shop for we are no Kremlin and are open to ideas from all. Join us support our events, give us the ideas and energy to help our club fulfil its potential.

For every fan has a right to help our beloved Imps, every fan forms part of the 12th man. Rest assured we can and will carry the torch first lit by The Lincoln and District Supporters all those years ago. Join the game make a difference now.