Supporters Trust Making Progress

Last updated : 24 January 2002 By Jonathan Hall
With the recent transfer into Trust ownership of the shareholding previously held by former chairman John Reames, the Trust's shareholding is now close to reaching its target of 1,000,000 shares. This represents a value of nearly £500,000 worth of shares in the Club held by the Trust on behalf of the community.
Following frank and open discussion at a recent Trust board meeting, it was decided by the Trust board to support the resolution which will see the amount of shares available in Lincoln City double. This will allow for any further investment into the club from businesses, and if need be, individuals. Rick Keracher (LCST Chairman) and his Trust board must be given credit for their forward thinking strategies, and the progress for which they have made since the Trust's birth.
This week also sees the arrival of the Lincoln City Dividend Card, with the Lincoln Co-op. Trust members should be receiving their Dividend Cards through the post in the coming weeks. Leaflets regarding the scheme are available around the ground. The next instalment in the LCST newsletter is also due to be sent out in the coming weeks. 
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