Summer Business Concluded

Last updated : 04 August 2009 By Peter Muxlow

With Howe's arrival the search for a striker has finally ended, and despite intense speculation that we'll still get Michael Bridges, Peter Jackson has confirmed that Howe is his final signing.

Jackson told local media "That's it. Obviously the budget has gone now. I've reduced the size of my squad and obviously money is really tight."

It's not known what percentage of the budget Howe takes up, but there's little doubt that both Richard Butcher and Chris Fagan won't have come cheap either. It's not thought that Lincoln have overspent, but with numerous players coming in over the summer it does seem the budget has now been used up.

Rene Howe joins Cian Hughton, Paul Connor, Joe Heath, Jamie Clarke, Richard Butcher, Sam Clucas and Chris Fagan as Jacko's summer recruits, and despite the heavy criticism he's received it's one more than the so called 'magnificent seven' that signed last season.