Steff Wright Or Wrong The Legacy Is Yours

Last updated : 21 May 2011 By Neil Hobbs

Steff Wright’s comments in the Lincolnshire Echo absconding him of blame are typical of the ex Chairman of our once proud Imps. Ironic is it not that the man he pushed out now runs Notts County, the club Steff, a notts lad, once had his eye on. Amongst the usual rhetoric, sound bytes and self back slapping it is more about what has been left out than the one nugget left in.  But then the emphasis was always more off the pitch than on with a Chairman who failed to get significant community investment having alienated two of Lincoln's succesful self made men.


Steff fails to address why someone with a building empire complete with a design side and knowledge of planning: could not arrange access to the South side of the stadium. That would have unlocked millions for the club at a time when the Lincoln City business model was also shrinking. Bet it will happen within a month or so of the new company owning Sincil Bank.  Talking of which considering the amount of managers he hired and fired why was ex Chief executive Dave Roberts not taken to task over his performance. CEO’s in the private sector get the chop yet those in the community sector do not apparently. The ex CEO is currently working for Steff in a consultancy capacity showing neither have lost the faith since taking a back seat at the Imps.



But wait…. The bit that was left in. Steff refers to the fact that he voted for Keith Alexander to stay at Lincoln City. R.I.P Keith.  But it asks more questions than it answers starting with ‘Was that at the actual board meeting or the cabal's (less Keith Roe and Ray Trew plus any supporters who were also routed out as associate directors etc etc etc) change of heart straight afterwards.  Seeing as Steff is all about openness and remaining involved at the club (he has an awful lot of shares for an associate director) how about championing an EGM at the club? While we are at it what about a full clear the air audit so that we know the exact picture.  Steff as we are sure would be the first to ensure that the club is being run on a sound business and commercial footing would he not? That is paramount to a serial entrepreneur like Mr Wright.