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Last updated : 14 January 2011 By Neil Hobbs


Millwall lionheart  Ashley Grimes signing today,  marks a huge shift in the ethos at Sincil Bank since the low point and financial fall out post Hereford United last Saturday.  The Imps slipped into the relegation zone that day, albeit with games in hand, as the notion of a fans demonstration loomed larger than ever.

 The FA Cup twenty-seven grand windfall had evaporated; it was really just a question of turn out the light once the last prawn sarnie had gone to many. Yet at our bleakest the lifelong cross to bear that is Lincoln City rallies; historians and grey horned Imps will  tell you its always been this way since Mr Reames and beyond.

We are all in this together - only we Imps care and only our cash will be forthcoming.

 Behind the scenes a circular had gone out to 400 friends of the Imps asking them to help to take this club forward with their own hard earned cash. Deaf ears you feel given the board and trust never practice what they preach. Surely this sort of thing suggests  trouble at t' mill.

 But forever to their credit Chris Travers and Bob Dorian did show the lead, albeit as many would say with just £10 thousand each.  They turned the tide by  showing that cash straight into the club works best and we must not let that sea change be lost fellow Imps, for true community involvement is what will drive our beloved club forward.  Court the local companies for their cash and employment and our football club are the life blood of Lincoln.

We are all in this together - only we Imps care and only our cash will be forthcoming. 

This share the burden ethos and the willingness for our club to galvanise everyone into doing their bit for the club is what Dave Roberts, Paul Wilson and I saw when the 12th Man was born. Pleasing then that the upper echelons and stakeholders are begining to grasp the nettle. But how best to continue the momentum to take the steps towards ensuring the Imps are in rude health not to mention League 2 ready to challenge, nay Imp-spire us for next season?

  Now the best way to help the Imps is to turn up and pay your cash at the gate. Job done its in Steve Tilson’s war chest Monday. Its the best place for it as the team’s ability to lift our spirits is the key factor for fans. We diehards will accept some dross but by and large we want to see a side in red and white stripes that wants to make us proud. 

  The second is to apply to the football club whenever you have £20 spare and apply for Shares yourself.  Bob Dorian and Chris Travers & Co will ok that at the board meeting that takes place on the first Thursday of each month.

  The third option, if you are flush is to set up a direct debit and through the 12th Man share saving scheme. No alarm bells necessary for this is administered by an accountant called Paul Wilson. He is a shareholder of the club in his own right a lifelong fan and one who can be trusted. Once set up he forwards your money onto the club and your stake in Lincoln City grows.

 Your stake, no one else’s.


Click here for details of the standing order form on Nathans fine site The Imps KA (Keith Alexander)

See you Saturday for a one nil to the mighty Imps.

Because that is what really counts.

Lincoln Our City Our Club

We are all in this together - only we Imps care and only our cash will be forthcoming.