Rhyme Time: Stevie T's Imps Of War

Last updated : 15 May 2011 By Neil Hobbs


Alas the club will not get the backing of the sugar Daddies that Blue Square Bet Premier clubs like Grimsby, Mansfield, and Fleetwood Town enjoy, but Tilson seems up for the challenge with plenty of targets even if he has yet to have a budget confirmed.


As you can imagine LN2 has been a pretty gloomy place this week with all but three given new deals and the rest being told they can go. The management duo clearly reason the bottlers cost the Bank League football last season as boys failed against men time and again with inexperience and shrinking violets an even more endangered species in the Blue Square Premier.  That is not to say we will not try to play football, but as Grimsby found you have to earn the right to play before beauty can tame the Beast


It would be unfair to name any as yet but watch out for a couple of surprises, some wise old heads in the frame and a bustling youngster and a seasoned pro  who could be the new beasts at the Bank. Tilson to his credit is not interested in the pampered who want a princely wage. For him this is about young and hungry paupers who want an appearance fee   and a win bonus to ensure they have some deserves bear money on a celebratory Saturday night.


Let’s start rewarding the winners because that, Uncle Bob and co is how it works in the real world in successful businesses.  


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