Rhyme Time - Tilson and Westley's View.

Last updated : 20 March 2011 By Neil Hobbs


Here are the post match interviews with Stevie Tilson and the Stevenage Borough manager, Graham Westley.


We woululd like to thank BBC Radio Lincolnshire as ever and BBC Three Counties Radio:


Westley Walks The Walk


For Imps without audio here is the synopsis

"It's been a very frustrating afternoon for everyone looking back on a performance like that," Tilson said. "We just weren't at it enough today and I guess we got what was coming to us. We created a few chances and got round the back often enough, but we lacked a bit of composure in front of goal at very crucial times. We do need to be more potent up front and have a bit more patience in the build-up really."