Poacher To Take Part In Jailbreak

Last updated : 13 August 2009 By Peter Muxlow
The Imps are taking part in a sponsored jailbreak on September 8th in aid of Macmillan Cancer Crae, and Imps mascot Poacher The Imp will be taking part.

Participants will be chained up in pairs and dropped off at a location somewhere in the UK, where they'll have to use their skills to get back to Lincoln Prison with no money at all. The first pairing back will win.

The race is on to get back first, and specifically the race is one between three high profile Lincoln City celebrities. In the red corner it's Imps manager Peter Jackson. In the blue corner it's Imps chairman Steff Wright, and in the furry corner its your favourite mascot Poacher The Imp.

Now Poacher needs to be chained to somebody, and for this he turned to his good friend Ross Bond. Ross is a local lad who could sell ice to eskimos and talk a donkey right off it's hind legs. He can blag, brag and definately get something for nothing, so Poacher feels he'll be the perfect partner in this endeavour.

So Ross and Poacher will be out and about on September 8th. If you see them why not just stop and give them a lift back to Lincoln Prison? Or even better why not visit the justgiving page and sponsor them, because ultimately this is for a really good cause. Macmillan Cancer Care provide care and support for cancer sufferers and their relatives in their darkest hours, and their work is invaluable to these people. LCM couldn't think of a more suitable charity to receive your backing.

LCM is behind Poacher and Ross, so hoepfully all LCM readers will also put their hands in their pockets and sponsor the boys - whether its 20p or £20 it all helps.

We'll keep you updated on the latest news as well as bring you exclusive photo's of the pairs journey around the UK.