PFA Show Vital Support

Last updated : 15 March 2002 By Jonny Hall

The Union boss revealed that the PFA has paid out a record £1million to lower league clubs with cash flow problems in the last year. The PFA have come to the aid of a dozen clubs who were struggling to meet their monthly wage bills.

Taylor said, “We have never before lent as much money out, it has been well over £1million. We do have serious problems at some lower division clubs and we have been covering the wages of something like 12 clubs this season.” He continued – “Life in the lower divisions is proving more difficult than ever and we have made loans to a dozen clubs to keep them alive”.

The Chief Executive also refutes suggestions that up to 900 of the 2,800 full time professionals in this country face the dole queue at the season's end.

He added: “Something like 300 to 400 players are released by clubs every year and I am sure we will see that again. All that football clubs can come up with is that wages are too high, but football clubs are about players and without them they wouldn't exist. The Second and Third Division clubs are getting as much proportionality as they used to.”