Paul Green Returns To Training

Last updated : 05 November 2009 By Peter Muxlow

Paul Green has expressed his joy to local media at news that he has returned to full training with The Imps.

Green hasn't featured at all this season after having major surgery on his left hip. The former Aston Villa man had looked comfortable and assured at the back for City, but his injury left a gap at right back that seemed impossible for others to fill.

Initially Green and the club set a date of Christmas for his comeback, but he started full training on Monday, way ahead of schedule.

Indeed having Green back in the side is almost as good as having a new player sign!

Speaking to the Lincolnshire Echo, Green said:

"When you are out for so long, you sometimes think you will never come out the other side so to join in training the other day was such a great feeling,"

Last time Green played of course it was under Peter Jackson, after arriving in the Christmas transfer window of 2006/07 thanks to Schofield and Deehan. However Green is simply focused now on performing for his new manager.

"It feels like a fresh start and it is. It's one that I intend to make the most of."

"It was brilliant to join in training and knock about with the rest of the lads, although at the minute, I am having one day training, one day off."

Green is still a few weeks away from the first team squad, but news of him joining training is a massive boost to the club.