Oh Dear Imps Is It Time To join The Trust & Get The Buckets Out Then?

Last updated : 18 January 2011 By Neil Hobbs

It would appear that Lincoln City Chairman Bob Dorian’s contact David Leonard ,  is failing in his attempts to woo oversees international financial players to invest in the Imps. This  surprising  news comes as Chris Travers tells the  BBC that local investment is now the key.  So with the goalposts moving, please hold off on those cheep second hand share purchases as the Sincil Sheik wont be giving you full value on your shares unless oil is found under Sincil Bank. But hey-ho better the devil you know.

Insurance guru Mr Travers, told BBC Lincolnshire: "We've begun to focus more on local interest where I think we've got a better chance of success.  "We need to attract more investment in the club and I think the best way to do that is to attract it locally."

 He added: "I think anyone who would want to invest in a club like ours would have to have a vested interest or a love of the club, the city or the county and would want to put something back into it.  We need investment at every level. The board of directors are also fans and we've been able to invest in the club to a certain extent, but we're not in a position to make an investment at a level which would make a significant change."

Hats off to Chris , who is clearly trying to change the culture at a club in serious decline over the last 5 years, by buying £10,000 in new shares along with Bob Dorian.  Their admirable gesture undeniably marks a watershed at LCFC after the last few years of inertia at the top.  In the last half decade our beloved club has lost £546,000 compared to the £746,000 profit between 2003 and 2005. We do of course also have a couple of nice buildings on some pitches from the council,  although the championship standard appears lost on a squad  92nd in the Football League.

So many lasting decisions made at those one a month board meetings,  yet responsibility and accountability appear just words. Perhaps if the club hadn’t turned away investment from the South of France not to mention two Lincoln multimillionaires we might not be in this position, but there are plenty of excuses on hand for that.  But then whilst individuals have actively stifled investment from faces that they deem do not fit - and even conspired to negate debate on message boards - these last 5 years what do we expect? 

Should anyone dare to question the Trust and Board's lack of commercial expertise and their lack of proactivity in the fundraising area they are shunned silenced, accused of being insane and bated whilst many of the moderators look on? Far better to shoot the messenger than see open debate that could lead to the board having to deal with difficult questions such as South Common Access and the desire to  trouser cheap second hand shares. How dare we, who live beneath the mushrooms and 'pays our admission money' once a fournight,  question 'the board'. They are sacred and above accountablity having obtained shares from our Trust in the first instance and then  lifelong fans on the cheap. It is an interesting history - the share dealings at Lincoln City and one that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

But back to those who have taken our club to the brink. Why can we not question poor judgement over the appointment of managers,  hospitality for freeloading mates who are of no benifit to our club; not to mention lack of  transparency and disgraceful guidance from the top.  A culture of secrecy  that allowed the CEO of the club to take on another role whilst the club continued to crumble. Associate directors and fans only found this out when a clubs email address and mobile phone were found in an advert on the internet  We also have directors only buying discounted shares for their own benifit yet the local institution they are custodians of does not even see the cash go into its needy bank account. Why is this are they expecting a quick return at full value if the club, ground or both are sold? Can fans trust that these same custodians  also have a clean conscience when it comes to their businesses gaining from the club?

It would be laughable were this almost spent gravy train not the club we love,  but there is more keystone cops comedy of errors going on than even our defence could aspire to.  Yes the  'commercial team'  has also failed to retain the big sponsors put in place at the club on solid medium term five year deals whilst a certain Mr Roe negotiated the commercial show. All bar the Co Op who maintain their £40,000 annual commitment have been reduced substantially. IMPS the company go from strength to strength yet instead Go- or should we say Gone car got the stand at a much reduced deal along with a shirt deal that even Starglaze has backed off on.  The Co Op appear to be our club and our City's rock -yes Lincoln's largest property owner is fortunely still on side with a proactive member on the board. 

The Chief Executive (when in reality a hands-on full time incentivised general manager would do) is also leaving the club for new challenges – having apparently accomplished all his objectives bar promotion. There is a sentence to mull over with a very stiff drink. Cheers, onwards, upwards and good luck Mr Travers, in your admirable quest.

Its definitely time to join the Trust Imps – whatever your view on them we need them and they need us  to modernise and galvanise them. They also have - cross yourselves - Rob Bradley. He did it once and heaven forbid the time comes again you can bet he would be up for the challenge again. They alone can raise £100,000 and  with Rob involved be trusted to put it into the club.

Keep the faith we will stay up and this club will survive -  UTI!