No Sincil Demo? Try Imps Politics - A Forum For Change?

Last updated : 16 January 2011 By Neil Hobbs


As the merry few hundred in the Stacey West sang ‘The Football League is upside down do-da’ many at the club must have felt relieved at the fans humour. Humour had at least triumphed on another day of failure, one where our beloved football club had hit 92nd in the Football League.

The rumoured demonstration had not come to pass although Moses Swaibu, sadly re-bailed until the 24th January, had born the brunt of a prolonged burst of a hurtful, perhaps whitty-ditty of a song. Opinions varied walking from the ground. The result perplexed rather than vexed it seems,  perhaps we feel it was to be expected against a top side. The pints are half full, we are not done for yet even if  the fates elsewhere conspired against us yesterday. And by jove 2-4 games in hand is as good as pints in behind the bar.

 But there were some genuinely positive seeds sewn at the Bank last week to promote share ownership at the Community club. The Chairman and Vice Chair, Mr Bob Dorian and Mr Chris Travers respectively, put in £10,000 each to set an example for the rest to follow. This should be applauded should it not or is it too little too late? What is your opinion, because your £7 - £18 at the turnstiles makes you the ultimate stakeholder?

 Imps Politics - The Forum -  should be a discussion forum to nurture ideas that should go directly to the fans representatives or indeed the trust.  For we should never give up on our fans organisation no matter how frustrating and painful the road to change may be. Only we the fans ultimately careafter all. They appear to be reaching out, I amongst others I am sure  received an invitation to join the Trust this week and will be doing so,  whatever the recent history, at the Port Vale game.

Imps Politics - The Forum - should also get things out in the open; openness is the enemy of the select secretive few who tend to have a vested interest in any organisation. Democracy has shown it works far better over the years than revolution has it not? Dialog and conciliation work better than demonstration and destruction do they not? Although it has to be said the latter certainly cuts to the chase.

Do you feel the access issue to the stadium has taken a ridiculously long time for a straight forward issue that we were told would be resolved last summer. Or is there more behind this issue than we as mere fans could ever imagine? Our ground after all would be worth an awful lot more to a huge property owner or developer. Could this be the reason certain individuals continue to buy second hand shares?

We believe it is not the editorial opinions that count on this site; it is you the Imps for you are the lifeblood of this football club.  Only constructive dialogue not censoreship - and lets leave the bullying and ganging up to others – can lead to a collective vision. If enough fans care then Lincoln City will survive and prosper. It is the law of economics that we are fighting with not ourselves.

If not it will be one or two demonstrations and a bitter and twisted descent to Blue Square oblivion.  So join Imps Politics - The Forum - on Lincoln City Mad. We may not right the world overnight but every penny will go to the Imps.