Last chance saloon

Last updated : 05 May 2011 By By Andrew Abbott


Whose round is it? Almost certainly the players but as usual we fans find ourselves in the chair however there’s no point in moaning about it now as our former and unlamented manager was fond of saying we are where we are and we might as well get on with it. One more chance to go out with a bang. Will we take it? Despite the criticism directed at us, for this writer having been to more than one or two away fixtures in his time, we’re no better and no worse than other supporters. Granted some fans can crank up the noise at home but there again they probably haven’t put up with years of under- achievement. No matter. We can’t put anything in the past right now and, sorry to rather harp on about it but, as we approach the last day of the season it is still in City’s hands to decide their destiny. Will it be Plymouth and Swindon or Kettering and Barrow next season?

Actually the Blue Square Premier doesn’t look quite the barren wasteland it did the last time City fans were forced to contemplate it, or it’s predecessor to be accurate and it has to be said there are some more tantalising games and local derbies than we’ve had this year but lets not go there.

On to the game now and the club have announced much reduced prices for home fans only. Aldershot are not best pleased as you might expect. Quite what provisions City have made to prevent away fans simply coming in to home areas is a source of amusement to us here at the mad house, well we’ve had precious little else to amuse us this season. Presumably anyone with a southern accent will be frogmarched to the away corner, bit hard on those softies who have made their home with us and adopted the Imps as their team? We can’t help feeling it might have been more sensible to charge the same for all, it’s not as if many away fans would have made the trip and we wouldn’t have been too pleased if it had been us. Another management master-stroke there we think?

City will be without Danny Hone for the game having received his marching orders at Oxford. He is one of the few this season to have performed reasonably well. Could he have played his last game for the Imps. Will we recognise many faces next season? We’ve got to get there first. Rather than yet another pre match review and again, at the risk of repeating ourselves, we must do what, as supporters, is the only thing we can do and that is support the team. If you are reading this then you are probably a dedicated fan and as such will be at Sincil Bank on Saturday. Leaving aside the notion as to whether or not our presence at the Bank is beneficial to the team we are asked to be there and be there we will but Lincoln City Mad appeals to supporters lapsed or not to be at Saturdays game and to make as much noise as possible to try to cheer the team over the finish line bringing with them friends neighbours, wives, long lost cousins, anyone really. Other than visit your local church, temple, mosque or synagogue to ask for help it’s difficult to know what to suggest. As is always the case no one will help us but ourselves or will they? City need to match whatever Barnet do so win lose or draw, if that’s what Barnet do we’re safe. Does that make you feel better? Thought not.