Kettering Man Charged With Racially Aggravated Offence

Last updated : 23 January 2009 By Gary Hutchinson

A 43 year old man from Kettering has been charged with a racially aggravated public order offence following the incident at Rockingham Road back in November.

If the man is found guilty Northamptonshire Police will be looking for a ban to be placed on the man preventing him from entering any football ground in England and Wales.

The event sparked controversy as at first Kettering attempted to deflect the claims of abuse back on Peter Jackson, with Chairman Imran Ladak releasing a statement denying there was evidence of abuse. He quickly retracted the statement as Lincoln consulted their lawyers, and vowed to root out the offender.

However the relationship between the two sets of fans soured, with Kettering fans convinced Peter Jackson was making the claims up. Messageboards were clogged with anti Lincoln bile. The arrest and subsequent charging of the individual however suggests there is enough evidence to prove the Kettering fans were wrong.

LCM especially came under fire from Kettering Town messageboard 'Poppynet', and although we don't expect an apology we are content that there seems to be a conclusion in sight. It was extremely insulting to Lincoln fans to suggest Peter Jackson and Iffy Onuora would fabricate racism claim, and LCM are happy the characters of both men seem to have been cleared.

Good luck to Fulham in tomorrows FA Cup tie at Rockingham Road.