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Last updated : 18 January 2011 By Neil Hobbs

Why not join a Lincoln City forum that puts politics and football into two separate places. So if you fancy a rant, or want to right the world, without bullying, ganging up on, or offending others Imps politics is here. Where as if you want to discuss the beautiful game played the Lincoln City way

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 IMPS Politics

Lincoln City Mad aims to provide a friendly environment for Imps fans to meet and greet before discussing things the way they used to be down the pub. Here you can sit in the comfort of your own home and come and go as you please no pressure. You can even bring your own beer and smoke if you want – Mi casa su casa" Our house is your house."

All we ask is no personal insults, be civil and respect others ideas and opinions. There are no multiple ID’s on this site and no personal message facility or secret forums. We are an in the open kind of place where freedom of information hopefully means less Imps  are kept in the dark.

Charitable organisations will also have their place on the front page but after a hard day at work and paying our taxes we do not need the guilt trip shoved in our faces every day.

Let’s face it the most important good cause we know about is the Mighty Imps.