Help Choose The New Imps Anthem

Last updated : 20 August 2009 By Gary Hutchinson
DJ Casey has had some criticism in the past for his song choices, but by the nature of musical taste he'll never be able to please everyone. However with the backing of the club and local media, he is now appealing for your contribution to the matchday experience.

He's tried several diffferent combinations and musical styles. We've had a dance mix of the dambusters which provided popular with most. However after internet groups came out with a stinging attack the decision has been made to alter the track.

Speaking in a meeting with LCM contributor "I think a vote will be the fairest way of choosing a song, the most popular one will win and people cannot argue with that."

Lincolns Chief Exec Dave Roberts said: "We want to encourage feedback from the fans. However, music is very subjective and it's difficult to please everybody."

So do you have a song you want to hear the Imps run out to? Any idea's can be posted on the forum, or votes can be given to Casey by the players tunnel on a matchday. Additional votes can be sent here to LCM.

So it's time to stop the moaning and get involved!!!