Fao The 11 Players Who Fight For Impdom - Seize The Day

Last updated : 07 May 2011 By Neil Hobbs


Whatever the rhetoric of Chairman, pundits and page seeking bloggers along for the ride, keep the faith lads. Forget Barnet, forget recent history you can do this Imps. Take it from an amateur, a rank and file Imp who has poured over your stats, strengths and weaknesses long and hard; during a labour of love.  Block out negativity, tunnel vision if you like but make sure you ride on the crest of a wave of energy and optimism, not to mention Billy’s flag.  The time for blaming the time for hiding is past, you have the ability so Carpe Diem you red and white heroes, go seize the day


 Elliott Parish

 You have the ability, courage and reflexes to go far son.  Enjoy your time in the limelight today seize the day as you seize every cross for this is an opportunity and experience that you will savour.


Cian Hughton

When you have the ball at your feet and cross the halfway line Cian you are a lion that cannot be tamed.  You can win this game for us on the overlap and with Howell your guardian, ensure there are no Bank robberies this day.


Paul Green

Ah Greeny and they said your contract would run down again this year.  But just like last you came to our aid, as Captain to boot. Brave and tenacious you kicked off a career ending birth defect to come up trumps time and again. You are an unsung legend at this football club.


Adam Watts

Like Greeny you have come back from a horrific injury and stood your ground and learned your trade at the sharp end of a League 2 dogfight.  Its another hard day at the office today Adam but you know you have the quality and technique to deliver when it counts.


Joe Anderson

Mr Anderson its time for a matrix moment, you have the pace the shot and the crossing power so test their Teflon keeper.  


Luke Howell

Your role on the right will epitomise our stand and deliver performance. Combining with Hughton you will add the spine and creative design we need down the fight flank.


Ali Fuseini

Today is the day you go from zero to hero and from comical Ali to ali-kazam.  A goal cannot be far off nor can a match winning performance your undeniable ability suggests. Your magical green carpet awaits oh Arabian Knight.


Clark 'The Spark' Keltie

 Get stuck in son and pull the strings this Sincil Super Saturday get The Bank rocking


Gavin McCallum

 Tossed to the wilderness, then back you came Mad Mac. Show us your match winning side, because on your day you are unplayable at this level.  Carpe Diem Mad Dog, go blast the shots to pieces.


Ashley Grimes

 A hat trick is a tall order for that 20 we wanted but a winner would be priceless and live just as long in the memory.  What can we say but please and thank you, go finish your mission oh Sincil saviour.


 Ben Hutchinson

 You have the pace, you have the power, so make today your day to flower.  This is just as much your day and your opportunity Ben and your future career as a goal scorer.  Celtic saw something as have we when you have been given the chance. Take it and show the world what you are genuinely about – a soon to be prince amongst poachers.


Carpe Diem you red and white heroes, go seize the day and feast with us as we get out the Sincil tinsel and seize and save the day. For we bay for a Bacchanalian at the Bank this day

Lincoln City Mad

Mad By name - 100 % Imp in nature

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