Fao David Beck Esq

Last updated : 12 May 2011 By Neil Hobbs

Are decisions being made with regard to the ownership of our stadium?
Are the clubs continual slide on and off the pitch being addressed?
What are his opinions as supporter director as opposed to board

Would he also like to use his greatly increased shareholding to call
for an  extraordinary general meeting so that we can have a full
review and audit of the clubs expenditure as well as allowing
shareholders the opportunity to speak directly to the board who have
overseen the club's decline and demotion to the Blue Square abyss?

Could he enlarge on the Keith Alexander gardening leave issue that
Steff Wright has brought up in the Echo and elaborate as to how Ray
Trew came to feel that he needed to resign and Keith Roe leaving the board.

Was it folly to spend money on Championship facilities when the
decline of the club over the last few years on the pitch wasn't being

Despite the First Team not getting the money, the club lavished money
on an under-performing Youth set up.  Should the Youth set up at the
club be disbanded?

Chris Sutton in the Echo has alluded to the club knowing the full
facts as to his departure from the club.  He has also granted the
board to give information over to the fans as to the reason why he
left.  Could you put pressure on Bob and Chris, the two people Sutton
identified, to give the full facts as to his departure because all of
this is useful information in the post mortem of Lincoln City
2010-2011 and it's decline into non league football?