Fao Bob Dorian Esq

Last updated : 16 May 2011 By Neil Hobbs

Lincoln City Mad, the free speaking and balanced site for fans of the now non league Imps has   received information relating to Roger Bates' shareholding and comments in the Echo. Worrying that we have not only turned down Michael Foleys offer, but that we will not even get £75,000 for the privilege of running our once great club.

A shareholder had asked on behalf of other major stakeholders the following 4 points relating to Roger Bates moving from Associate to full Director and the subsequent media announcement at the time of Michael Foley’s much more lucrative refusal.


1) To clarify the reasons for Roger Bates being made an Associate Director in 2008, and then took approximately two years, before having the requisite 50,000 shares.



2) To clarify the reasons for Roger Bates being made a Full Director in March 2011, and even after purchasing further shares in April 2011, still has less that £43,000 invested.



3) Why our source was informed by the Chairman on May, 3rd. 2011 that "this policy was adhered to in all respects in the appointment of Roger Bates? The Chairman had already stated an existing Associate Director could join the Board based on a £50k total outlay. He goes on to say "the Board put in place a policy that was acceptable to us (the Board )and The Associate Directors."



4) When our source spoke to some of the 'senior' personnel of LCFC, they informed him that they didn't even know of the policy, and in some cases thought Roger Bates had actually paid the full £75k. 



The Echo article said Roger Bates had put up the £75k to join the Board.  Our source queried this article with the Echo, and was informed Chris Brammer from the Echo spoke to Bob about Roger's investment and the Echo printed what they had been told.



The Chairman has been given ample time to respond, but to date, the 4 issues have yet to be clarified. This is an appalling state of affairs, and is not acceptable given our community club needs strong and transparent leadership given the misfiring committee nature at the top. There is no doubt Bob Dorrian has deceived the shareholders, fans and the media on this issue and that he continues to lose the faith of supporters over his ability to lead the club . He should either stand up and be counted, or if he still doesn't accept the fact he has misled anyone, then he should resign with immediate effect. You cannot have a Chairman of the Board giving false information in the hope it will have a good impact and not be questioned.