*Fans IMPression*

Last updated : 25 July 2002 By Planet Imp

Name - Andy Creasey

Age - 16

Planning to purchase a season ticket for the Stacey West for this season


How do you think pre-season is going so far?


Very well actually. Picked up a good few morale boosting victories.


Which players have stood out for you so far?


Probably Simon Yeo and our man Tony Battersby!


Are you satisfied with Alexander’s summer signings?


Well, in the everyday world I would have preferred signings such as Lee Hodges and other quality second/third division players. But with a restricted budget it is important we use the money wisely. At least the players are willing to give 100% for Lincoln City unlike previous casualties.


How do you explain Tony Battersby’s rejuvenation in form? Do you think it can last?


Tony has an enormous amount of ability, which is often wasted. The last questions a cracker. Put it this way, he is capable of keeping it up, whether he wants it or not is another!


Do you think Keith Alexander has found his preferred formation yet?


Yeah, Keith will opt for a 5-3-2, which if Keith likes it and is used to it, he should play it.


Do you think Paul Mayo deserves a prolonged run in the side? Do you think he will get it?


Yes, Paul will do a great job on the left hand side, has the ability to go forward and monitor his defensive duties. Also, age on his side, he has the legs and enthusiasm to do both.


Which players do you want to see shine this coming season?


All of them to be honest! We’ve had 3 seasons of under performing and too much individuality. Looking for the team to gain some spirit and some pride.  


Is the trip to Northern Ireland of any use to the Imps?

It’s a change of scenery playing against different clubs than we’re used to. Can’t do no harm.


Do you think signing Adie Mike on a one-year contract would be a good idea?


No not really. Cannot see how he will improve the team and I can’t agree that he will threaten defences at this level.


What is your personal opinion on the decision to allow Boston United to play League football this season?


In a way, it is excellent news financially for Lincoln City. The punishment was very lenient though, 4pts deduction was nothing. I’d be more gutted to be a Dagenham fan though, poor souls!



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