Editorial Rant

Last updated : 01 June 2011 By Dr Drone

Listening again to the tribute to Keith Alexander on BBC Lincolnshire, it brings home the people who saved the club nearly ten years ago -  the likes of Big Keith, Simmo, Simon Yeo, but also off the pitch, the likes of Big Rob Bradley, Keith Roe and Kevin Cooke.  The efforts and sacrifice these people made - all put to waste by the current shower in charge of the football club.

The season just gone proves that the people in charge lost the plot.  Who allowed a contract to stipulate a bloody sprint coach for Gods sake?

Why were these players allowed to not put a shift in yet still pick up the money they were on, and on top of that get a % increase for their second year contract without any relationship to the efforts they and the team has made?

The board have spoken about "their naivety".  Well Managers get sacked for being 'naive'.  If this board were naive in the Football League and didn't value the Football League status of the club, they should walk away and never be allowed in the confines of the Bank again.

It's easy to talk about "moving on" and "forgetting the past" but if you can't look at the mistakes made, analyse them and yes put blame in there where due then there are going to be no safety nets for this happening again next season. 

Or are the fans going to take being at the same level as Lincoln United, just because "the club exists"?

 I also think that Manager Steve Tilson should have walked himself at the end of the season too.  That man has failure written all over him.