Do Imps need Notts County, Community or The Foley Model?

Last updated : 05 May 2011 By Neil Hobbs


 Ray Trew has done more than clear the Munto issue at Notts County, he has steadied the ship and stands on the edge of a succesful season of consolidation. He has also ploughed the millions we did not want at Lincoln city, with the Community model and joint board model preferred over the two entrepreneurs that were given no option but to leave the club at the time. 


Certainly, in football,  if you throw enough money and hype at anything in a modern consumer society you hit the jackpot. But who would want us after Michael Foley, like money men before him have been blown out of the water? Now before everyone suggests that the Imps need millions like Notts County or Manchester City to become a massive success, and thus rules it out, think again. We are not in some backwater, we have a growing catchment area and many of the building blocks are already in place. We are solvent if the board are to be believed, though clearly decreasingly so and will thus become more reliant on the Co Op unless income goes back up or outgoings go down on and off the pitch. We do have a passionate fan base and potential like no other, that is currently voting with its feet but would give us a chance if things changed off the pitch.  When it comes to heritage we can also more than compete with County who’s only claim to fame is the oldest League Club. We also have 10% of the UK’s multimillionaires living within our borders yet none have as yet come forward. Strange that,  when one considers that the Boxes in the Gone Car Stand are so rarely empty?


We should, county town and all,  be the perfect suitor for a local benefactor in fact and would come a lot cheaper than many would think. Investment is a big word however when one considers the hidden cost, obstructions and the motives behind the fading veneer at Lincoln City. .  We sit for instance on a valuably piece of real estate that dwarfs the 6 million 50p shares currently in circulation. Its central location close to an expanding university and the supermarket vultures is perhaps a bit of a concern to those who see our spiritual home at Sincil Bank.


However the current composition of the board suggests that the club needs to either unlock capital or bring in a moneyman if we are to progress. Though our last 2 managers have failed to live up to hope and expectation, it is perhaps not all their faults, or Jacko and Deehan & Schoey before them; given the lack of funds in the transfer market and changing goal posts.  Beside the board there is one more obstruction to overcome and one that was mirrored at County. The Trust block of shares would come into play and the decision is easier than you would expect, or should be.  Fortunately every member share in the Trust is essentially a vote, so each member fan would have a say in the decision and it would not be left to the Trust board. They would merely be sending out the ballot papers so to speak. Dont ask the question tonight though as I found last year they will need 6 months notice.


So is there anyone out there who wants to either invest in or take on the Crown jewels of our fair City and County. We have a passionate fan base and potential like no other. All it needs is an ambitious son or daughter of Lincolnshire to come forward and unlock the dream.


Michael Foley did but it would appear his as well as other money folks faces do not fit. Mmmm is too much money and a desire for change the real problem at the heart of 2 boards he feel we are doing just fine as we are.


Keep the faith Imps - Doods and a draw will do us.