Cheer Up Stevie T - The Imps Have Massive Potential.

Last updated : 24 February 2011 By Neil Hobbs

With the Imp manager clearly aware of the need to boost the ranks, Grimsby Town's and Newport County’s knock back on Mr Anderson and Hughton respectively, are clearly not the best news for our mercurial Sincil Saviour.  This and a failure of the faithful to rematerialise is unlikely to dishearten him too much, but a certain level of frustration , must be the order of the day.

It certainly  looks like the Imps will be unable to strengthen with Uncle Bob and Chris Travers, fair play to them, already digging into their own pockets to fund the recent loans including Tally Ho the Hunt who does not come cheep as you would expect. Indeed the Imps have not had a sniff of interest; and according to today’s Lincolnshire Echo:

"I don't think anyone will be going out on loan, no one has given me a ring about any of our players," said Tilson

Well fear not Stevie T,

We know the Era of Rhyme will take time. 

According to us and our Impassioned Index thread you are doing just fine even if we Imps do take a while to get going.

You think 100 Imps away is impressive you wait until you see 300+ regulars or a couple of thousand – and that was only about 3-4 years ago.

Look at the 3,000 that went to Bolton.

Keep The Faith Stevie T like us for the Imps will Come for Football


Our City Our club


We Are Lincoln City Mad




Next year Stevie, next year keep the faith, keep playing like this, keep pushing Uncle Bob and the Imps will come.