Alexander lamblasts agents role in football

Last updated : 14 January 2005 By Gary Hutchinson
A national report today released figures of the English clubs’ rate of spending on agent fees

The report outlined a national increase in agent fees and was issued yesterday little under a fortnight after the transfer window re-opened. The results that will send a shiver down the spine of every fan in the country who splashes out their hard earned cash watching their team.

However the Imps haven't paid a penny to agents as Keith makes a stand against the men bleeding our game dry without really putting anything back in.

"I don't need them. Some of the players have them and thats their business, but I make it clear that I won't pay them, and if a player doesn't like that then the deal goes no further."

The additions of Michael Blackwood, Martin Carruthers and Gareth McAuley, to name but few shows that despite not dealing with agents Keith can still carry weight in the transfer market.

Interestingly enough county rivals Scunthorpe and Boston were amongst a paltry 9 clubs who didn't pay any agents fees in the last six months. The biggest spenders were cash strapped Leeds, bled of £1.5m by outrageous demands from agents to move on the clubs earners.

Swansea paid the highest amount in league two handing over £37,080. Whilst across the division £267,091 was paid to agents over the last six months of 2004, with 53 of the 545 player transfers involving them.

Its unsettling that despite the clubs dire financial situation agents still feel the need to grab all they can. With the lower leagues littered with clubs in administration or on the brink its a sad advert for the role of the football agent.