Slick City Down Darlo

Last updated : 07 September 2009 By Gary Hutchinson

The first Jacko-less game ended in a spectacular 3-0 win for City, blowing the cobwebs out from a previously disjointed Sincil Bank side.


The most comprehensive win at Sincil Bank for a was opened by a third minute volley from Rene Howe after some smart work by Cian Hughton on the right. Howe added a second midway through the first half after battering his way through the defence, and knocking sub Chris Fagan out the way as well!


Fagan himself managed to add a smart third after some great play from Howe, but all afternoon City looked dangerous against an appalling Darlington side. There’s a long way to go before things are ‘back on track’, but Simon Clarks side did produce as good a display over 90 minutes as we saw all last season at the Bank.


Below are LCM’s player rating for the game.


Rob Burch


Had nothing to do really. Not threatened by ex Imp Kevin Gall once, and nobody was surprised.


Rating – 6/10



Cian Hughton


Was playing in front of his dad and it showed as he turned in another strong display. Does the simple things well and looks better as the weeks pass by. LCM were concerned maybe he’d lose his way after Jacko’s departure, but on Saturday he looked a competent League Two full back, even if he did come up against a dire Darlington flank.


Rating – 7/10



Aaron Brown


Looked more threatening on Saturday than any other home game this season, and seems far more confortable at left back this campaign rather than last. At times got forward smartly and didn’t misplace many passes. Seems to rub Rene Howe up the wrong way though.


Rating – 7/10



Janos Kovacs


Had a quiet game with little or no threat from Darlington to deal with at all. It’s hard to give the centre halves a really good mark, and it’d be unfair to give them a really bad one. Did what he needed to, when asked to do it. Which was very rarely.


Rating – 6/10



Moses Swaibu


Same as Janos really, quiet if only because Darlington were so bad. Was strong and concise when required and is undoubtedly the best centre back at the club, and he keeps getting better. Will play in the championship one day.


Rating – 7/10



Richard Butcher


Butch was industrious and spent a lot of time working hard outside the area. Tried to get a couple of snap shots in, but is just struggling to find the right opening. However he looked more like the Richard Butcher of old, and experienced players like him will be massive for the club in the coming weeks.


Rating - 7/10



Scott Kerr


Needed to lead by example, and did just that. An excellent captain at the best of times, Saturday he really pulled a performance out the bag after failing to get into the swing of things under Jacko. Like Butcher, Kerr’s input in the coming weeks will be invaluable and if he continues to play like this then he won’t disappoint.


Rating - 8/10



Lennell John Lewis


We had a lad out wide on the left on Saturday who looked like a player we used to have. Last season there was a kid called John-Lewis who didn’t seem able to trap a ball, run in a straight line or shoot at goal. On Saturday someone wearing John Lewis’ shirt turned in the sort of performance we expect from a wide man at this level. He was powerful, forceful and looked every inch a pro footballer. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but in terms of comparisons with last season, or even the last game, it was a different world.  


Rating – 8/10



Jamie Clarke


Beginning to look like a winger, although was up against a weak full back. Worked hard and has a lot of pace, but needs to direct that and channel his runs better. However he appears to be established as a first team member, and progression is happening.


Rating – 7/10



Rene Howe


He hit two goals, was always looking for more, came across and strong, hungry and passionate in the extreme. He may be selfish, and he may play with an arrogant swagger, but on Saturdays performance he has every right to. For perhaps the first time in a Lincoln shirt he showed the reasons Jacko signed him, and Darlignton could do nothing with him. Should have had a hat trick, and in the post match interview said he was ‘disappointed’. With ambition and standards like that there is more to come from The Beast.


Rating – 10/10



Paul Connor


Injured early on before really getting into the game.


Rating – 5/10



Chris Fagan


LCM normally only rates the starting XI, but as Fagan played a majority of the game it’s only fair to give the striker a rating. Despite being light weight he had a decent game on Saturday, looking alive and alert at all times. Took his goal well despite it being a slight scuff, and with two strikes to his name is already paying the club back in the currency we prefer – goals.


Rating – 7/10