Judgement Day

Last updated : 01 May 2011 By By Andrew Abbott


So, it has come to this; in this nightmare season our worst fears are realised. After a decent spell, once the management team had bedded in, City had it in their power to move away from the melee at the foot of the table. Stockport and Barnet were such dead ducks that the Imps had only to pick up the odd win at Sincil Bank and the occasional point away from home and we could look forward to a bright new dawn with our enthusiastic bosses, maybe a new Ashley Grimes plucked from obscurity, at least defenders who knew how to defend and midfielders who could pass the ball. Instead we must suffer the agony of having our fate decided on the last day of the season. Those stiffs who were causing us such merriment, Northampton, Hereford, Burton, have all secured their future in the league leaving us to battle it out with Barnet. Who amongst us truly believe City have it in their power to secure a win on the final judgement day? We may be mad but we’re not stupid. The Imps have secured copyright on losing so the way we see it, though our future is in our hands, it’s more a question of whether Barnet will lose as we do not have it in our locker to win. There you are providence, what do you make of that?


As on so many other occasions this term, the Imps got off to a good start, Cian Hughton heading in after only five minutes, then Luke Howell hit the bar. Elliot Parrish survived a scare when he brought down Craddock, some Imps tweeting that they thought it was a dive, the home crowd demanding a red card. Anyone who has ever seen a game at Oxford will know the home crowd spend the entire game, or at least that half of it where the opposition are defending the home end, demanding penalties with shouts of “handball” every time a player is anywhere near the ball. As night follows day the U’s were level followed by a winner. We were never going to be so lucky as we were in the corresponding fixture at the Bank, in fact lady luck seems to have deserted us entirely in our hour of need. With a certain predictability, Danny Hone left the field early for a second bookable offence, one of the few players this season who, for this correspondent, can hold his head high, but you’re going to have to wise up a bit Dan.


Saturdays this season have become more and more something to be dreaded rather that eagerly anticipated and this next one is going to be no exception. Will dawn come and wake us, disturbed and sweating realising it was all a dream? No. This is the here and now and we must come face to face with our destiny. If the will and determination of the fans had anything to do with it City would have secured a win yesterday. For such a maligned group, once again the City fans demonstrated that they do not deserve to have this horror visited upon them, even with free coach travel 774 Imps at the game is a magnificent testament to the fans commitment to the cause and yet we constantly have to hear that we are the cause of home woes, well boys, we’re all you’ve got so you’d better make the most of it.


Lincoln City Mad appeals to all who have red and white flowing through their veins and Lincoln City or even the City of Lincoln in their hearts to be at Sincil Bank on Saturday and to the team, not for the first time to throw off your shackles and play. Your lives may not depend upon it but your reputation does. Good luck.