LCFC Player Stats - The Heroes & Villains So Far

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The Mighty Imps Heroes & Villains 2010/11 - thus far

Goal Takers

4 Ashley Grimes, Ben Hutchinson, Mustapha Carayol,
2 Albert Jarrett, Moses Swaibu, Delroy Facey Jamie Clapham
1 Cian Hughton, Josh O'Keefe

Goal Makers

3 Albert Jarrett
2 Mustapha Carayol
1 Drewe Broughton, Clark Keltie, Joe Anderson, Gavin Hoyte, Scott Kerr

Keeper Corner

Joe Anyon
Games 24
Saves  (L2-65 FAC-11 LC-7)
Clean sheets 5 (L2-4 FAC-1)

Sam Turner has made 2 substitute appearances and Paul Musselwhite 1 substitute appearance


Sins & Card Collectors

Biggest Sinners (fouls committed)
30 Drewe Broughton,
27 Ben Hutchinson
23 Clark Keltie
22 Scott Kerr
21 Josh O'Keefe
18 Adam Watts,

And those trespassed against.

(fouls suffered)

29 Mustapha Carayol
26 Ben Hutchinson
25 Adam Watts
21 Drewe Broughton
17 Albert Jarrett


Yellow Peril

4 Albert Jarrett, Clark Keltie, Moses Swaibu,
3 Ben Hutchinson,
2 Jamie Clapham, Josh O'Keefe, Joe Anderson, Drewe Broughton,
1 Adam Watts,Mustapha Carayol, Cian Hughton, Scott Kerr, Joe Anderson

Reds - 1

1 Scott Kerr