Imps' General in Fighting Form

Last updated : 22 February 2002 By
Alan Buckley attended the Lincoln City Fans Forum at Sincil Bank, and proved once and for all that he is not the arrogant man he's made out to be. In a frank exchange of open discussion he outlined his reasons for his decisions and laid out the plan for the future of the football club.

He resolutely defended his decisions for the signings of Adam Buckley and Ian Hamilton, and outlined his desire to provide a stable and fruitful youth system at Sincil Bank. He named Paul Mayo and Buckley Jnr as players for the future and explained that his decision to sign Hamilton was one of necessity given that playing young players in a underachieving team does nothing for confidence.

He elaborated that gradual introduction of players into a well drilled unit, having given them time to assimilate the teachings of his ethos will reap the harvest of success later. He pointed out that they are players for the future, not necessarily for now.

Alan was quick to answer the critics of his fluent passing system when challenged by one City fan about the suitability of the team's style of play.

"Ask the players what they would like to do," he said. "They'll tell you
that they want to play football - not kick and rush and chase long balls
over the top.

"They want to play passing football, and that's how I believe the game
should be played."

Rob Bradley also bluntly hinted that the board although strapped for cash could make the money available for players should City find themselves in a position where they were in dire straits in terms of league form. In his conversation he stated that there are times when the Accountant has to told that things must happen. He also revealed that City had made an audacious attempt to sign Danny Cadermarteri from Everton, but that finally he made the decision to go to Bradford instead.