Monopoly & Money Madness As Bad As Sexism surely?

Last updated : 25 January 2011 By Neil Hobbs

Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are set to strengthen whilst Manchester City and Liverpool cut their losses.  Yet the rest of us, Blackpool manager Ian Holloway and the Imps and lower echelons included, remain light years from the Cabal at the top of the game. Forget sexism the FA & Premiership should get a visit from the Monopoly Man, monical, spats and all. There should be questions in the house with regard to the Champions League effect on the top four or five for those elite places now shape all European football leagues.


Blackpool manager Ian Holloway has put a £ 14 million price  on Charlie Adam,  ironically the same figure Manchester City are set to write off on their ex Arsenal flop  Emmanuel Adebayor.  The man who is a legend in his own mind will return to where it all began the poor lamb – the millionaires of Monaco.  The same cannot be said of Charlie Adam who despite doing it week in week out sees clubs try to extract him for a fraction of his true worth and a bigger salary.  Lets not even go into what a loss, say a tenth of this magnitude would do to 60 of the Football leagues 72 clubs.


Back in dreamland and Spurs are allegedly locked in a tug of war with Arsenal for one of the games sick notes Jonathan Woodgate, a man who should be sponsored by the International Red Cross. But it is Lassana Diarra who will probably sign first after his agent ‘pimped’ him around the capital’s clubs. Chelsea will finally get to blow a mind-boggling £26 million on David Luiz from Benfica.


Arsenal and Arsene clearly feel Theo Walcott is not getting any younger. The rumours suggest Alex Oxdale-Chamberlain, undoubtedly one of the games next great things; will sign the mother of all long term deals to help him sleep at night.


And so to Liverpool now climbing the League under Kenny Dalgish. His war chest will grow today or tomorrow after Wolfsburg manager Steve McClaren offered £6m -£8m for Liverpool flop Milan Jovanovic. But he will still only part with £ 3- 4 million for the necessary vitamin C a certain tangerine would give him.