Holy Moses: No Chicken Wrap Now It's Newspaper

Last updated : 25 January 2011 By Neil Hobbs

It would appear that Chicken is now off the menu, or at least charge sheet, for Moses Swaibu, with what most of us wrap our Grimsby fish & chips in, now more than food for thought. The authorities have now changed  the charge  and put the alleged theft of a Newspaper in writing.

Confused fellow Imps, then let us try to explain?

The Chicken charge is now off the menu, now it’s an issue with a Newspaper for which our less than wise defender and defendant has been formally charged.  The Newspaper charge is a totally separate allegation - the same store but the alleged events took place on September 6th, quite a bit previous as it were to the December 20th chicken incident.

However despite the poultry charge now being fully digested this one will see him appear before the local magistrates on February the 18th.

LCM continues to wish Moses all the luck in the world. Let us hope he receives no more than community service part of which can be doner by keeping the Imps in the Football League.