Brush Taps Orient Contacts.

Last updated : 29 May 2011 By Neil Hobbs


Leyton Orient boss Russell Slade has some big plans following a playoff flirt and sustained interest from Barnsley for his services. The Tykes will probably have to wait, given boxing promoter Barry Hearn is set to back his manager. Let us not forget Slade will be boosted further by the £1 million pound plus FA Cup run war chest as he seeks to rebuild the silk route from the Orient, this time ending at the palaces of the Championship.  Where once we mocked his chalk dust, now it is his cast offs we covert with Paul Brush and his begging bowl up for a few favourites from his local haunts and according to sources our patient no2 is more than willing to wait.



Although we cannot afford to be proud, this should at least cheer we shell shocked Imps, yesterday further demotivated by a chairman who acts more like the professor from Back to the Future every interview.  When most would think before they speak ours continues to put his foot in it rather than say nothing. Yesterdays headline that suggesting we are not close to making any signings (given the true state of the free budget one cannot be surprised) and that we must wait, due to a need to shop at ‘pennywise’; on top of quotes that we must be patient; are alas consistent with his approach to PR during his time at the club thus far.  It would make one laugh were it not at a time when the club needs leadership in the absence of cash, during a period of sustained decline.



But to that good news we spoke about. Orient are in an upward momentum, a mirror image of our own fortune you could argue. Where they are charming extensions from ex Leeds utility man Jason Crowe the Imps are more than prepared to feast on some crumbs.  Slade has released top scorer Scott McGleish fellow striker Ryan Jarvis, defender Aaron Brown and youngster Harry Beautyman with just Brown finding a club thus far.  Brown has gone to Aldershot whilst full back Andy Wing has turned dow a one year deal to join Oxford United. Brust an ex manager at the O's could well be set to pounce and bring back something old, something borowed and perhaps something young & new.


Paul Brush rememer, is to Steve Tilson what Gary Simpson was once to the late great KA. He is a scout with an eye for talent that could yet prove the springboard to our salvation, not to mention a record fifth Football League bounce back.  The phone calls to and from east London suggest that the Imps could well profit from both the cast offs and the youth sides of West ham and Orient next season with Brush also looking to pull in some favours from Essex way, known retreats to the rich and famous ex players of the North London clubs.



Although there is nothing definite and we are not close Bob, fact is the holiday season and a closed transfer window would mean we would not be close to doing a deal even if you had put your hand in your pocket. To those Imps in two minds as to whether to buy a season ticket or not, keep your powder dry and look to July especially as pay on the day is looking even more attractive if last weeks headlines are to be believed. For that will be the true judgement time on the budget, the guile of the management team and indeed the post relegation stewardship of Bob Dorian Esquire.