Ladak In 'No Comment' Shocker

Last updated : 16 January 2010 By Malcolm Dunkley

Unconfirmed reports coming from the backwater of Kettering are suggesting that something may have happened there that Imraan Ladak chose not to make a press release about.

Ladak normally sees fit to comment on everything from council policies to the opening of a fridge, and has recently stepped down as chairman of Kettering. Now his supporters think something may be be seriously wrong with the controversial figure.

In fact both of them are concerned for his welfare after reports that a car backfired outside Rockingham Road (which we are informed is a football ground), and Ladak merely looked up for his mountains of business related paperwork and then cast his eyes back down.

His media team immediately checked his temperature, but it seems that for once he'd just chosen to actually keep his mouth shut. We'll keep you bang up to date with this breaking news as it develops.

In the meantime below is a picture of a recent press conference Ladak held to give his opinions on the fact that a Mrs Pinkney from Corby had stopped giving her husband fish paste in his sandwiches, and instead had started going for cheese and ham. Ladak was in favour of this move, but stressed that if Lincoln City tried to take over Mr Pinkneys catering they'd have to pay a substantial sum of money.