County Fans In Uproar

Last updated : 20 January 2010 By Malcolm Dunkley

Notts County messageboards were in meltdown today after somebody else said something bad about them.

The cash strapped / cash laden (depending on whether you believe County fans or the facts) side have come under increasing scrutiny since the summer when a foriegn investment group pretended to buy them and then realised they couldn't keep promises.

However since they've sold up for £1 the stinging criticism still hasn't stopped, and County fans are not happy.

Yesterday a man on the street was heard saying that he 'hoped Wigan beat Notts County' in todays FA Cup game. It's thought he might have been a Wigan fan.

county fans

Instantly the County messageboards went into meltdown at this shameless attack on their innocent football club. Fans (pictured above) were incensed that once again their club was a topic of conversation. One user - money_pie said this: "It's disgraceful that this man is attacking County in this way. I want to **** his **** and **** ***** and *****".

Another user, I_love_QADBAK put it a little more succinctly: "Its always County they have a go at, it's just jealousy."

Finally a user named Please_Invest said "***** **** ******* *** ***** *** ***** so there".

In recent weeks Notts County seem to have forgotten that they are actually a League Two club with an average squad and a mountain of debt that is currently building at the same rate as Manchester Utds. In response to this its understood the Football League will be writing to County just to confrim they are actually in the basement division despite their delusions of granduer.

In other news claims that Lincoln is a 'town full of inbreds' has been rubbished by inbreds everywhere. The claim, made strangely enough on a Notts County messageboard, has been rebuked by Mr Slackjaw and his seven daughters / wives / sisters. He said (inbetween dribbles):

"There is no way Lincoln is full of inbreds. We took the cart there once and I saw nobody I'm related to. No, its the fens of Boston all day long. Who are these people claiming that Lincoln is full of my family? Nottingham? Isn't that the place guns come from?"

LCM will keep you abrest of all the latest developments, real or not.