Clark Keltie In Streetfighter Character Shock

Last updated : 16 January 2010 By Malcolm Dunkleys Dad

Keltie?At first glance you could have been mistaken for thinking Lincoln's latest signing was long deceased serial killer Fred West. However after extensive research LCM can reveal that he was once a character in the computer game Streetfighter 2. As our picture  shows, sometimes Clark gets a bit mixed up, and forgets he is now a real person playing football, and reverts back to being a fictional character from a mid nineties computer game.


This was taken during his stint at Darlington, and he can quite clearly be seen performing the move that was usually prompted by pressing 'X', 'X' and pulling down then up. However Keltie occasionally forgets his place and just slots right back into his old routine.

Tom Crocker (A fan from Darlington) said "Keltie was a real card. Occasionally he'd be stood waiting to take a penalty, and suddenly he'd jump up in the air, spin round eighteen times and fire a ball of fire from his hands towards the goal. It was very impressive, but that won't win you football matches"

It also appears that prior to his stint as an animated adversary in the SNES game, he was also in village people. However like the 'fifth Beatle' Pete Best he left just prior to them gaining any sort of fame. Andy The Cowboy from the village people takes up the story:

"Clark was a great lad, and we had a great fancy dress outfit for him. He wore a black and white shirt and wore fishpaste as aftershave. He was going to be the 'Unemployable Codhead' in the group. However he took the role very seriously, and like any Codhead couldn't remember four letters in a row. If the song had been called YMCA he'd have been fine, but the Village People were never going to become famous singing 'Y'"

See below for a shot of Clark briefly reprising his role during a game for Rochdale sometime ago.