Stace's Soapbox - Save York City

Last updated : 24 January 2002 By
Sitting thinking as I do frequently (which creates lots of smoke and violent crackling noises), my mind was cast towards the fate of York City FC who teeter on the edge of the abyss. Heavily in debt, and with the fans scraping money together to save their club, I thought to myself "don't we have some moral duty here?" I'm not saying that we should chuck bundles of money at them (although if it were laying about I'm sure the supporters trust at Bootham Crescent would thank you for it), but I feel that we should travel en masse on 2nd February for our away game. If we can take 1000 supporters for the game it will give the club some much needed revenue. I know at the minute our results haven't shown the promise thy might have, but at least we can say we are looking like a club that's going to survive.

Even despite our own form, we don't want another Aldershot or Newport County, Bradford Park Avenue or Accrington Stanley.........the football league has lost too many clubs in the past, and in this day and age of affluence, it shouldn't happen

So put aside your indignance at the suggestion of going all the way to York and your..........."I'm not wasting money going to watch Lincoln play at York, with our form".........this isn't about Lincoln (well indirectly it will be because our players will see the tremendous support and be lifted) this is about York City and their crisis. THEY NEED OUR HELP NO MATTER HOW SMALL THE CONTRIBUTION....and if that means giving up your saturday afternoon and spending a few bob, then it's a small price to pay. We've played York City many times, and they are one of our natural sparring partners in the lower leagues.........let's not forget them because of our own doubts and thoughts

Many of you signed a petition to save Barnet FC when their Underhill ground was threatened and they survived. Now let's do the same for York City FC