Stace's Soapbox

Last updated : 13 February 2002 By
Appalled, and more to the point very frustrated. Not the first time I've mentioned those two words together in the same sentence. Last night not only left a sour tatse in my mouth, but it hurt. it hurt becuase I'm a loyal fans who turns out home and away (granted not as often as I'd like), and because I'm ready for Lincoln City to taste success. There are others though who have donned the read and white, and who can remember City not as The Imps, but a The Citizen's whose appetite for a little glory remains undiminished, and yet unsated. This article is for those people, like my late Grandfather who stood on the terraces of the old Sincil West Bank, and watched come rain or shine. It's for all those fans who can barely afford the entry fee, but still attend. Its for the loyal, lifelongs who despite the lows of relegation and re-election and the ignominy of relegation and the first conference season, kept coming and will keep coming. Its for every fan who has proudly marched down Lincoln High Street wearing his colours with head held high, to the young lad or lass given their first colours by loyal parents or grandparents.

In short, I have considered these thoughts many time before and wondered if Lincoln City will ever become anything more than a small Third Division Club, or whether they will be another Bradford City, or Wimbledon and lift themselves to higher glories.

These fans deserve the respect of the players who they flock to watch, those people who travel hundreds of miles to Torquay and Exeter to watch them play. But at times it appears that they don't seem to give a jot whether they win or lose. When they swan around the pitch going about their business as though nothing depended on them winning, apparently unaware that they are ignoring the call of the fans to succeed. What we're asking for is Pride, Power, Strength of Will, Passion, and above all respect.

Now how often has there been that this season?? Truthfully how often do we see Passion and Pride? In this man's opinion, not enough. More often than not we see discord and chaos, and it has to change.

The Players owe it to us all!!!!!!!!!!!