Imraan Ladak Steps Down

Last updated : 16 January 2010 By Gary Hutchinson

Controversial chairman and long term friend of LCM, Imraan Ladak, has decided to step down from his position as chairman of Kettering Football Club.



He released a statement confirming he’ll remain as the clubs owner, but will no longer be operating as chairman. Although he blamed business commitments in the medium term, it appears he has given up his fight to relocate the team to another area of Kettering.



There is no love lost between Ladak and City. Last seasons FA Cup tie provided the controversial chairman with an opportunity to flex his muscles and hit out at The Imps over a series of incidents that occurred and have been well documented.



The ill feeling between the two clubs continued when Mark Coopers name was linked with City prior to Chris Sutton’s appointment. Mr Ladak came out with another quick fire press comment before the real facts had come out.



However despite LCM’s long term distaste for Kettering Town, it does appear that the council there are doing their very best to push the club out of business. Perhaps the councillors there are Imps fans.



Below is Ladaks full statement. LCM would probably like to wish him he best of luck in his future endeavours, but we won’t.



“I can confirm that I will remain owner, but stand down as Chairman of Kettering Town Football Club.

Despite the challenges, I have greatly enjoyed my time as Chairman and appreciate the fifty months of support, encouragement and assistance that I have received from the clubs supporters, volunteers and officials. Our success on the field has been incredible and there is no doubt that we have over achieved for three consecutive seasons.

Unfortunately, I have often been unable to dedicate the time required to fulfil the role of Chairman and the club has been unable to progress at the same pace off the field. Due to my business commitments for the medium term, I now find myself with even less time to offer the club.

I cannot express just how disheartened I am by the manner in which our new stadium plans have dissolved and have made public my frustrations at the actions and position of individuals within our local council. I have repeatedly asked for a public meeting to discuss these issues – because I felt that such a meeting would make it unequivocally clear as to how and why we have found ourselves in this position – but the requests have been refused. I still believe this public meeting should take place.

Although representatives from the club and council have now met privately and issued a joint statement at the request of the council, I am of the belief that there is no possibility of relocating to a new site under the present political leadership as I see no tangible will or substance to support the football club. As it stands, the lease on our current site will run out and the club will have nowhere to play. I have run out of ideas to keep the club in the Borough of Kettering and do not want to instigate or be held responsible for taking us outside the Borough or merging with another club. I am not the first Chairman to admit defeat in this arena, but nothing will take away the knowledge that a great injustice has taken place.

As a result, there is no sense in continuing to pour the substantial sums we have into the playing squad and all attention needs to be diverted to trying to find a long term future for the club. The playing budget will be cut to a level the club estimates is self-sustainable between now and the summer. This move is in line with the strategy of around half the clubs in our division over the present or coming season.

Although it is a very difficult decision to stand down, I know it is the right one for the football club. For now, my attendance will be as a supporter of the club and not as an official.

There is no plan or wish to put the club up for sale or not keep any of our current financial commitments and there is no agenda to get involved at any other club. However the club will need to appoint a suitable Executive Chairman or Chief Executive. My thanks go to all the members of the board who have been assisting in running the club and I am sorry that I do not currently have the option to reciprocate the time and dedication they are giving the club.

If anyone has any positive suggestions as to how the club could or should move forward, I am sure that the board would be very pleased to consider your thoughts. I plan to hold an open forum with the supporters, but not in the capacity of Chairman and hope to confirm the date as soon as possible.”

For those who will undoubtedly question my sincerity, time will show that I remain a supporter with the best intentions for Kettering Town Football Club at heart.”