D Day Looms For County

Last updated : 16 January 2010 By Gary Hutchinson

The brain behind Sven Goran Erikkson, Tord Grip, has suggested that Sunday may be the final deadline for any investment in Notts County.


County’s future has been in doubt ever since the fake sheiks of Munto / QADBAK decided to sell the club, leaving them with a massive wage bill that was virtually unserviceable. Add to that a lack of fixtures and lack of income over Christmas and County are in trouble.


“On Sunday Eriksson's future is decided in Notts County. There is no funding in place when he leaves the club. Its deadline, "says Grip.

Since Christmas there has been an ongoing hunt for new investors with ‘£15m-£25m’ according to Peter Trembling. Despite suggestions that numerous parties were interested, nothing has materialised.


As predicted controversially by LCM, the dream of Premiership within five years looks increasingly distant out.

Grip admits that Erikkson may be willing to stay a little longer, but that the offers of work are steady and continual.


“Actually, we have throughout January on us. But it depends a little on Eriksson. He other offers he can not go and wait longer, “

Grip was speaking to a newspaper in his native Sweden, and his language suggested that the hunt for investment wasn’t going according to plan. When asked about Sven’s London meetings with potential investors, he replied:


“Exactly what comes out of them I do not know? If there are some who are interested in taking over the club, it remains to be seen.”

However he reiterated the news County fans did not want to hear:


grip and erikkson“There have been many stakeholders, but everything takes a very long time. We can only wait and see. Sunday is deadline a bit for us.”


Peter Trembling spoke before Christmas of his positivity at the progress being made during the talks, talks which now appear to have stalled.


"We are making immense strides, a lot quicker than I thought we would do and dared hope. We should be in a position to make an announcement in the next seven days or so."


"Sven met them three weeks ago and it's looking really good. We get an investor with significant amounts of cash who can put the money in straight away, and we can still look for the Premier League in five years."


"If we are going to the Premier League it's got to be £25m as a starting point. At Notts County we virtually have no debt. We're actually in a very good position. From a selling perspective and the fact that Sven's on board and has committed himself to the club is a huge bonus too."


However should Sven decide to walk away from his 'exciting project' of just seven months ago, it could spell the dismal end of what looked like a very fanciful chapter in the history of the worlds oldest league club.