Q & A Wednesday At LCM Simon Yeo

Last updated : 22 May 2011 By Neil Hobbs

Simon Yeo will always have a place in the hearts of Macclesfield Town,  Peterborough United and Chester City fans but at Lincoln City he was a legend. The last Imp to join the 20 goal club Simon has not only banged them in on the  Stacey West terrace but stood on it with us and cheered the Imps on.  

 So to the 10  and thanks Simon - particularly for the last line...... if only.


What did you know of Lincoln before joining?

SY - I didnt know anything to be honest




who was the biggest influence in your career?

 SY- My dad before he died




how much help or hindrance can the fans be during a game?


SY-  My answer is the same as Morgs really fans are very important and have a massive influence I do believe they can help you get a result even if team isn’t playing well




what is your funniest moment as an Imp?


SY-  Got loads but I enjoyed the banter with futch,butch,mazza, morgs gainy fletch mcauley mcombe  many more !!!




What did you do to fill in time between training sessions?


SY- Now I train then go to work straight after ,also got my driving instructor final exam in March so studying !!! Oh after that want to do my badges !!!




Any clubs you hate playing against?


SY Not really....Oh yeah Boston and Steve Evans !!! Especially away !!




Any clubs you look forward to playing against


SY- hull , doncaster mk dons big timers with big budgets always nice to get one over them !!!!



What would your favourite Imps 11 be?




McCombe, Macauley, Morgs, Bimmo

Smith Futch, Butcher, Gain,

Fletcher Yeo,



What would your dream team and formation be if you could pick anyone?


SY- 442 I would keep the team above and I would add 2-3 other lads -  that team was outstanding - and I would do anything for anyone of them we are like a family even though we gone our separate ways we are still to this day very good friends R.I.P. BUTCH......



Do you have aspirations of working in the game after you retire?



For now be a driving instructor then do my badges and one day be the lincoln manager !!!