Imps waste 8% of Budget On Player Rents

Last updated : 22 May 2011 By Neil Hobbs

Should anyone have problems seeing a return on property in the Lincoln area they could have done no worse than call the Imps.  Incredibly the ever thrifty and benevolent board spent a whopping £100,000 plus on providing accommodation for their at best average and underperforming stars again last term. That extra thousand a week for two strikers would mean the difference between Lowe of Bury and Lester of Chesterfield (before bonuses where we compare) instead of Broughton, Facey and McCallum. Or four Adrian Patuleas.



Quality ultimately comes at a price but did we really get value for money from either the players or the accommodation.  Unlikely given the culture at our club. Under Keith Alexander and Father Rob Bradley going into Steff’s reign we did not get involved with this except for lodging for the younger ones locally as is traditional with football apprentices.  That changed as soon as the Schofield & Deehan era kicked off with he clubs off the field and ancillary costs mounting in almost every area.



Incredible that the six-figure sum, around 8% of the £1.2 million set as the pro budget for Chris Sutton,  was for just three properties plus Hotel accommodation at the luxurious ‘Hall’. Now that is a hall of residence even the richest Students can only dream of.


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